First of all, I'd like to wish a happy belated new year to everyone! Hope you guys had fun and started the year well, I know I did with my family dropping in on me..even though it slowed down my programming progresses. Oh well, it's all good: It helped me enjoy the holidays even more.

Now as for my progress, progressed in my rails app (more a website now). It's a mashup of the following APIs: YouTube, for videos, Facebook for chat and like, MusixMatch for lyrics. I have 4 days left to figure out how to include the indextank API..which is proving to be a challenge. But even if I don't make the deadline I'll keep working on it and eventually "release" it (throw the link on twitter ha), a couple people have found it useful so I'm hoping it might be at least fun for you guys. And it also goes in my resolutions:

  • Release an MVP every three months (4 a year)
  • Work on personal projects as much as I can (some of which will become my MVPs) [try different languages also]
  • Socialize more..way more.
  • And of course school is starting again this week, so that's going to be..interesting.

P.S: I haven't forgot about the algorithms, just didn't have any time to practice it. (<- to add to my resolutions..)

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