Showed it to 4 ~ 5 person already, they played with it and said they liked so I figured I might as well set it free even though I missed the deadline of the IndexTank "Holiday Hack" (lack of planning, I had no real use for their search engine at the end..).

Now to the project itself: Podil ('share' in czech) is a search engine that goes through youtube to find the best suited video for the search query you typed (This is technical speech meaning it grabs the first video it finds..), it then proceeds to search for the name of the song thorugh the API of MusixMatch (awesome database for lyrics!) and displays the lyrics matching the video playing (sadly, it is not always a perfect match and can display lyrics from a different song alltogether)

On the backend, for the geeks (I mean..why else would you be here?) : Ruby/Rails for the codebase and heroku as host. This is my first Rails app and it mainly uses APIs for mostly everything that appears on screen (facebook for commenting, youtube for video and musixmatch for lyrics). I am really enjoying Rails though. It is pretty fun! I got some more ideas that I'll be working on soon enough.

And, since this wouldn't be a 'release' without one, the address is right here : Podil.

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