How to find ideas

How to find ideas

Did you ever get hit with what was to become THE idea of the century, or so you thought? How do you weed out the “good” ones from the bad ones?

Sometime last month I had such an idea and thought “Why isn’t it out there yet? The founder would be insanely rich!”. I even asked a couple people what they thought of the idea, they showed me the numerous flaws that existed, yet I didn’t listen. I went on to do some research, market and technology wise, to figure out how I would tackle that problem. That was before I realized that it wouldn’t work.

How did I know? I remembered the numerous talks by Jason Fried/DHH where they were advocating the creation of products that the creator himself would use. I thought about what I wanted to build, and I had no interest in using such a platform – none whatsoever.

What do I do now? Should I lament myself about how my ideas are worthless, or do I roll up my sleeves once again and go down and dirty building things I would actually use? You bet your ass I’m going for that last option! Failure is a good thing, might or might not help you, but it’s mediocrity that is not an option!

I say build things or die tryin! You are the master of your own life after all, right?

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