HotBook Or how to learn Algorithms

HotBook Or how to learn Algorithms

So as you all know, a few weeks ago I have decided to learn me some algorithms! Well I didn't forget this goal of mine and I'm currently working on an app based around a chess algorithm (haven't chosen one yet, still building the basics at this point). But the algorithm will be used to match users of same "skills". It is definitely not an original idea, but it should get the job done (helping me learn algorithms)

Backend is Ruby on Rails and heroku as usual. The users will come from facebook (thanks to omniauth and fb_graph).

Algorithm used in The Social Network's facemash

The basic idea is some kind of a "hot or not" concept, where you can choose which of you friends are hotter (grabbed from facebook, with permissions). Yeah..I know, I might have watched the Social Network a couple too many times hehe. Main difference between my idea and theirs is the fact that people are actually accepting to upload their friend list and pictures through the facebook graph API.

Currently I'm done with FaceBook Connect thanks to the tutorial at Rails Rumble and successfully figured out how to grab the profile picture of the user. (pretty easy really:{user_id}/picture?&type=large where type can be : small, normal or large and where #{user_id} is your variable containing the user's facebook id).

Until later, stay put for more.

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