Google CR-48

Google CR-48

Yes, I am the owner of a Google CR-48 ChromeOS netbook (cloudbook? hmm..). I received it last tuesday and have been playing around with it ever since!

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the overral feel of the system. Before I received it, I had been reading alot of reviews that were definetly not too favorable to the CR-48 citing problems such as the touchpad not hitting where it's pointed and having to aim lower or higher..randomly. I'm happy to say that I have no such problem with the system that I received. But the right click could definitely get better, right now I can't do a touch-right click, I have to lift my two fingers and physically click the button.

In fact the "only" (I forgive the other little quirks here and there,'s a pilot program) problem I could find is the Flash when used for Hulu and sometimes even Youtube, but other than that I like the idea of a cloudbook, even if that idea is not new or that it might possibly tie us in even more.

P.S: That might actually be a good idea to develop. Data hosting for "cloudbooks" so that people can choose where and how to store their data without being dependant on one person or company.

P.S2: Yes, I know that the cloudbook already exists and is probably trademarked. Sue me..

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