Coding projects

Coding projects

It’s been a while since I posted about my projects, even though I promised to have at least one project per month! However, I’ve been stumped with school work and finding freelance work so my last project doesn’t even count as an “incomplete” since I barely started it ;).

What was that project? A waking up twilio app that would text you (or call for a fee) at pre-defined times with information that you would leave (a maximum of 120 characters).

Why didn’t I finish it? I blame college for that, and bad bad time management. Yes, I am working on that! My friend @excid3 has some good tips about that in a recent post of his.

Am I going to finish it? Yes, definitely. When? I don’t know yet, “one day”. I really want to finish it though, there’s that thrill that comes when you finish something that is unmatchable. Well, ok, that’s a lie. Getting someone to use it would be pretty awesome!

Bonus point for myself, I have just greatly simplified what I actually want to build! How’s that for a pivot? ;)

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